The Message Of The Presıdent

Our basic principle;

is to satisfy our customers with the participation of all co-workers and as becoming a leader in the market, serving high quality, standarts and competitive tyres.

To achive this goal, KONLAS;

  • Gives particular importance to its co-workers safety-security, motivation and self-improvement.
  • Bases on serving beyond customer expectations
  • Establishes modern management systems and executes to raise the company’s technical and financial performance.
  • executes high technology and aims leading the market’s innovations.
  • Aims reliability, regularity and prestige with the principle of stock management.
  • Gives particular importance to competition and improvement.
  • Bases its management mentality on consumer-oriented solutions.
  • Adopts customer satisfaction always as a principle
  • Is always lawabiding and environment friendly.
  • Never avoids from social responsibility.